Summer Hair Colour Trends for 2023

We asked our Servilles Stylists to break down the trends of the season.

The summer solstice brings a refreshing change with longer, warmer days, perfect for outdoor fun such as beach trips, picnics, and barbecues. Whether you're seeking to make a statement or simply enhance your natural glow, the latest summer hair colour trends have got you covered.

Colour experts anticipate a diverse array of hues to be in high demand in the near future. From the soft sweetness of strawberry blonde, to the delicate beauty of honey brunette, and the bold sensuality of iced-espresso brown, there is an abundance of choices available. Our stylists recommend curating a collection of reference images and bring them with you to your appointment, to ensure the result aligns with your envisioned aesthetic. 

Number 1: Lived-In Blonde

The art of the lived-in blonde is elevated to new heights by the inimitable Margot Robbie, whose Australian Beach-inspired aesthetic makes it the must-have look for 2023. Inspired by the natural warmth of maple syrup bronde, this look imbues blonde clients with a sun-kissed radiance, while requiring minimal upkeep.


The Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo and Conditioner from Davines was crafted specifically for the summer season. This delicate shampoo delicately cleanses and enhances blonde tones, infusing much-needed nourishment to your sun-kissed locks.

Number 2: 50 Shades of Red:

The summer of 2023 is dominated by a vivid hue of Red, from the warm Glowy Apricot to the lustrous Copper Coin. There is ample opportunity for experimentation, from the addition of copper lowlights to enhance strawberry blonde, to playful pops of apricot for a summery blonde. The focus this season is on adding dimension, and these variations of red are our top picks for a stunning look.

Red hair colour is commonly associated with fierceness and boldness. However, the Davines Alchemic Red Shampoo provides a low maintenance solution to maintaining vibrant ruby locks. Pairing perfectly with the Davines Shimmer Mist, it ensures that your red hair remains refreshed and revitalised throughout the summer season.

Number 3: Iced Espresso

The epitome of glamour in 2023 is the iced espresso brown hair colour. Its rich hue amplifies the natural lustre and silken texture of your locks with ease. Whether styled in a sleek bun for a sophisticated appearance or gently waved, this colour provides effortless elegance.

The iced espresso hair colour is elevated to its full potential when paired with the Davines Oi Range. The combination of the Oi Shampoo and Liquid Luster Treatment is sure to draw compliments and admiring glances.


Number 4: Maple Syrup Bronde

The year 2022 saw the rise of the term ‘Bronde’ and it continues to be a highly sought after hair colour trend for 2023. It's effortless, lived-in style offers a chic appearance with low maintenance requirements, making it the ideal choice for the summer season. The subtle baby lights enhance with exposure to the sun, only becoming more radiant with the passing of each week.


As the sun enhances the beauty of the maple syrup bronde hue, the Davines SU Milk and Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask provides effortless protection. With built-in SPF, this hair milk ensures that your locks remain nourished and hydrated as the weather warms, and the mask eliminates any concerns about dryness.

Summer is the season of rejuvenation, and this applies to hair care as well. Whether you're sporting a sultry red, an iced espresso, or a maple syrup bronde, the products from Davines can help you achieve your desired look and keep your hair looking its best all season long. With gentle shampoos, nourishing masks, and UV protection, Davines has everything you need for a successful summer hair journey.

Image Source, Pinterest, Artist Unknown.